Environment management plan for all jobs, big and small.

At Christo Industries we pride our self in maintaining and acting in an safe environment. All our painters must coincide with rules of action as listed below.

All staff must minimise the amount of waste they create and control its disposal responsibly. Check and signpost the stormwater drains and make sure all workers know that only clean water may be put into them. They must not hose or sweep waste material, litter or any other matter into gutters or drains.

Have in place spill prevention and clean-up procedures. If a spill occurs that threatens to harm the environment Christo Industries will tell the EPA or local council as soon as possible.

Check with the local sewerage utility for their requirements in relation to trade waste water treatment and discharge before they discharge any wastewater into the sewer.

Make sure that all paints and equipment are stored away from the stormwater drains.

Know the special requirements for the storage and disposal of Dangerous Goods that they work with.

Make sure the contractors and workers on the site know about Christo Industries commitment to protecting and caring for the environment.